Selling Your Home

Setting the scene when selling your home

By putting in extra time and effort you can make a great first impression and therefore enable you to maximise your selling price.
To get a fresh perspective on the appeal of your property, have a critical look around.

  • How does your home look from the street?
  • Are the fences in good condition?
  • Does the garden need a tidy?
  • Sweep the pathways
  • Clean finger marks off doors and walls
  • Brush cobwebs away
  • Dust & Tidy Up
  • Replace or remove unhealthy pot plants

Any of these things, however minor, will tell a prospective buyer that the house has not been well cared for and will immediately have them thinking “MAINTENANCE COSTS!” and could instantly put them off.

Talk to your Real Estate Agent about this and consider the advice you are given, remembering you are working together to achieve the best possible price and success.